This is Simply Life. And I am ChEeTaH. My wife is Rosana, together we have two sons. It was she who designed this site so beautifully, and it was also she who got me to blog again. So if you want to say thank you to anybody, thank Rosie.

My profile: I'm 30-something years old (born 18 February 1985, send gifts!), living in the south of the Netherlands. I have an MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering, which I studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology. I'm currently employed as software engineer. In my spare time, I'm a big fan of Free/Open Source Software.

Simply Life will be my container for blogs, general rants and some of my programming projects, with access to their source and all. You may also find some other generally useless crap here, or you may not. Large parts of the site have been translated to Dutch. You can access the Dutch variation of Simply Life at nl.simply-life.net. Enjoy the site!