Announcing DoxyAssist!

For my series of blogs regarding Drupal documentation and the Qt Assistant, I wanted get modular API documentation. Having everything thrown into a big bucket - Drupal Core and all contributed modules - became quite messy. On the other hand, having everything separated is just as cumbersome. I needed a tool which automatically discovers modules and builds the documentation for me. Then bundle everything in one Qt Help Collection with appropriate filters, so I can view everything together or each module's documentation separately, switching quickly in one interface. DoxyAssist to the rescue!

With DoxyAssist you can split up any large project's documentation into submodules. The documentation for each module will be built separately. If you use the Qt Assistant and let DoxyAssist create the help collection for you, it will also bundle the various pieces of documentation again. In the assistant appropriate filters are added so you can easily select which documentation you want to see.

Furthermore it is able to load a single Doxygen configuration file (Doxyfile) and use it as a template. If submodules need slight variations in these settings, you can change these settings, without having to create seperate Doxyfiles for each module. You can set required settings in the DoxyAssist configuration file, and let team members use their own base templates so they can customize the documentation to their liking.

Special support for Drupal is available, with which you can have DoxyAssist automatically discover all contributed modules and themes you have installed and build the documentation in the groups you like.

I hereby present you version 0.1, licensed under GPLv3. It requires Python and optionally PyQt4. It comes with example configuration samples to help you get started.

Download here

Source code @ Gitorious