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Drupal Development made easier with Qt Assistant - Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and final part of this series of blogs. Last time we created and finished our PHP preprocessor, which helped us overcome some quirks in the Drupal documentation. Before that, in part one we prepared our system and in part two we configured the most important pieces of Doxygen. Read part 3a and part 3b for the work we did on the PHP Preprocessor. This time, we'll use my own DoxyAssist tool to have lots of work done for us automatically. Time to make the documentation useful!

Announcing DoxyAssist!

For my series of blogs regarding Drupal documentation and the Qt Assistant, I wanted get modular API documentation. Having everything thrown into a big bucket - Drupal Core and all contributed modules - became quite messy. On the other hand, having everything separated is just as cumbersome. I needed a tool which automatically discovers modules and builds the documentation for me. Then bundle everything in one Qt Help Collection with appropriate filters, so I can view everything together or each module's documentation separately, switching quickly in one interface. DoxyAssist to the rescue!

Drupal Development made easier with Qt Assistant - Part 3b

Remember when last time we fixed Doxygen comments of Drupal so they would look right even when using Doxygen? It's time for another part in the series, and we'll continue with some more fixing. Do you still need to get set up, because perhaps you missed the earlier parts? Please (re)read parts 1, 2 and especially 3a before you move on. This time: getting in-depth topics such as the Forms API working as expected. Let's go!

Drupal Development made easier with Qt Assistant - Part 3a

Welcome back! It's been a while since I posted parts one and two of this series (yeah, I should blog more often...). Remember I was making Drupal documentation available in the Qt Assistant, a useful documentation viewer? Nice. I have some good news: I have spent some time again to get the documentation in decent order. So, without furder ado, let's continue!

MacDesperate now Online!

After quite a long time (well over a year), we finally launched MacDesperate last Sunday. We are me, Rosana, Alex and Wouter. Of course, MacDesperate is powered by Drupal. Rosana and Wouter are saving up for macs - they're the real MacDesperates - and my Donation Goals module helps them keep track of their progress. The first donations are already in. Now it's time for you to support them! Don't hesitate and go to MacDesperate.com! We've got goodies!

Drupal Development made easier with Qt Assistant - Part 2

In the previous part of this walk-through, we installed the necessary software to get our Drupal API documentation in Qt Assistant. The next step is to actually generate the documentation so we can browse through it, search it and more. If you haven't done so already, read part 1 so you're sure to have the right software...

Donation Goals module at Drupal

Yesterday I wrapped up some work I've been putting into a Drupal module recently, for a site that's probably launching before the end of the year (not putting any pressure on anyone here!). It's called "Donation Goals" and can be grabbed from the Donation Goals Project page...

Drupal Development made easier with Qt Assistant - Part 1

If you've followed my blog for even the smallest bit, you'll know I have KDE 4 as my desktop environment. I've also done quite some development (mostly messing around so far, just tContact is published) for Drupal. One of the main tools to help me during development is the Qt Assistant, which comes with Qt 4 and later. It's a fast documentation viewer, with a great index making it easy to look up all those little details about each function that's available in Qt4... or Drupal. Let me show you how I've set things up...

Oh, and if you're not that into all this techy stuff: feel free to stop reading, of course...

tContact at Drupal.org!

I've talked about it before... but today it's finally happened! I got a CVS account for Drupal.org a week or two ago. I postponed actually using it for a bit due to exams, but I just put it to some good use. Got a Drupal site and need your contact forms in multiple languages? Meet tContact! Version 6.x-1.0 is now officially out in the wild!

Where have you been?

It's been a long time again, very long. A lot has changed too, so here goes...

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