Sinterklaas Song, Denglish Style

Since tomorrow is Sinterklaas and I've been convinced to do some blogging, here's a nice Sinterklaas song. In the spirit of globalization, I've personally translated it in Denglish, such that the average* Dutch person can still understand the words.

See Ginder Comes The Steam boat
See ginder comes the steam boat
From Spain already on
He brings us Saint Nicholas
I see him already standing
How huppels his horse
The deck up and near
How wave the wimples
All heen and all weather

His knight stands to laughing
He screams us yet too
Who sweet is gets candy
Who bad is the roo
Oh dear Saint Nicholas
Come also to me
And don't drive really silent
Past my home

* No, I've done no research whatsoever, regarding the knowledge of English of the average Dutch person.

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Re: Sinterklaas Song, Denglish Style

HAHAHAHAHA omg XD I almost fell off my chair. Well you know this, you were there... :P

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Re: Sinterklaas Song, Denglish Style

OMG it's BRILLIANT i love it!!!