Sinterklaas Song, Denglish Style #2

By popular demand (read: 2 people asked for it), another Sinterklaas song in Denglish* style. The last one of this year, too.

* Note that Wikipedia refers to "Denglisch" as a mixture of German and English. Perhaps Dunglish is the better term in this case... Either way, I'm talking about mixing Dutch and English. My Denglisch (the German variant) is probably far worse than my Denglish/Dunglish.

Sinterklaas Song, Denglish Style

Since tomorrow is Sinterklaas and I've been convinced to do some blogging, here's a nice Sinterklaas song. In the spirit of globalization, I've personally translated it in Denglish, such that the average* Dutch person can still understand the words.

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