Simply Life

Well... This site, of course!

Looky! Fixes!

Look here! My Lovely Rosana (MissDesign) has made the site work a bit better due to some extra theming (BIG Thank you to her!). This was actually done a couple of weeks ago already. I have just fixed some old content so that it's all alright again (she had to break screenshots and the like during the updates, but they're fixed now). Some of the improvements include less flickering of the menu buttons, comments have been themed, and a whole lot more smaller fixes.

Where have you been?

It's been a long time again, very long. A lot has changed too, so here goes...

Contact Form Translated

Using my very own module, the contact form is now also translated in Dutch (I know, it's not really useful to tell this on the English version of the site, but I thought I'd just inform everybody). It's using my own tContact Drupal module, in which I have found a flaw and a to do. I'll have to fix those before I believe I can publish it. I'll keep you posted!

Theme updates

With the help of Rosie I (we) have made some updates to the theme. Slightly better html/css which is hopefully a little nicer to search engines as well. Especially the Dutch translation has seen some major improvements, as the interface is now pretty much completely translated (email me if you find flaws). A few more fixes, mostly content, are on their way.


New site, new ways to blog. Yep, you're looking at the brand new version of Simply Life, all made possible by the dearest of dearest, Rosana!

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