KDE Desktop Environment, a suite of applications as well as the actual graphical desktop environment for Linux/X11, Mac and even Windows. More at Kde.org.

Where have you been?

It's been a long time again, very long. A lot has changed too, so here goes...

Happy New Year

Boy, it's been a while. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Better late than never :P I've been really busy, and I'm wrapping up a too busy semester with finals now. Time for some plans...

KidDraw Progress

For the past couple of days I've spent a bit of time getting KidDraw into shape. It's not there yet, not at all, but with the foundations in place I should be able to get a nice version in KDE 4.2 (January). Screens inside!

Desktop Pimpin'

Google has introduced its gadgets to Linux. After the Windows and Mac releases of Google Desktop giving you clocks, calendars and more straight to your desktop, the framework is now available for Linux as well. Under the Apache license (2.0), with both Qt and GTK hosts. But they're not the first...

Joining KDE

Although I originally applied for the Google Summer of Code this year, unfortunately I was not accepted. There obviously are many great entries this year, and although I'll never know how great the people of KDE found mine, it can't be half bad, really. After all, I was asked to do what I had planned anyway, just outside the Summer of Code.


New site, new ways to blog. Yep, you're looking at the brand new version of Simply Life, all made possible by the dearest of dearest, Rosana!

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