tContact is a simple module for Drupal, which allows Contact Form categories to be translated. Made by me. Get it at

tContact at!

I've talked about it before... but today it's finally happened! I got a CVS account for a week or two ago. I postponed actually using it for a bit due to exams, but I just put it to some good use. Got a Drupal site and need your contact forms in multiple languages? Meet tContact! Version 6.x-1.0 is now officially out in the wild!

Where have you been?

It's been a long time again, very long. A lot has changed too, so here goes...

Contact Form Translated

Using my very own module, the contact form is now also translated in Dutch (I know, it's not really useful to tell this on the English version of the site, but I thought I'd just inform everybody). It's using my own tContact Drupal module, in which I have found a flaw and a to do. I'll have to fix those before I believe I can publish it. I'll keep you posted!

Happy New Year

Boy, it's been a while. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Better late than never :P I've been really busy, and I'm wrapping up a too busy semester with finals now. Time for some plans...

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