Happy New Year

Boy, it's been a while. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Better late than never :P I've been really busy, and I'm wrapping up a too busy semester with finals now. Time for some plans.

I'll follow up my last post with some sad news: KidDraw didn't make it to KDE 4.2. The reason: time. As I said: busy semester, but also plenty of other things to work on which left KDE a bit too much on the side.

However things are more stable in KDE land now: KDevelop4 is coming along great making it actually usable for me. I also don't have Akregator (my feed reader) crashing on me all the time anymore. Now KDE 4.2 is just around the corner and I've decided to stick to that branch now, rather than running trunk all the time as I've done the past year.

Running such an unstable version of my favorite desktop is nice: you constantly get all the new features that everybody implements. However, it occasionally led to a broken desktop with crashes all over the place. I'm opting for better stability and more productivity this new year. I now run a KDE version from trunk, just before RC1, and will switch to KDE 4.2 once it's out.

I will be getting new computer parts too, and with 4Gb of memory I think it's also the time to switch to a 64bit OS (I still run Gentoo 32 bit now). That means a complete reinstall of everything I have, which is exactly what I'll be doing soon. With KDE 4.2.

So, I hope I can do more this semester so KidDraw will make it to KDE 4.3 in about 6 months. I've also got a few Drupal modules planned, one of which I wrote last night and mostly needs cleaning up before I'll throw it up here: a multilingual site-wide contact form. I'll also apply to get it on Drupal.org soon.

There you have it. A few of my plans for 2009. I hope I'll be able to get it all done.

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Re: Happy New Year

Ah! Awesome.

Pleased your not pressing KidDraw and releasing unstable code, will be nice to see it in 6 months+