Joining KDE

Although I originally applied for the Google Summer of Code this year, unfortunately I was not accepted. There obviously are many great entries this year, and although I'll never know how great the people of KDE found mine, it can't be half bad, really. After all, I was asked to do what I had planned anyway, just outside the Summer of Code.

So what was it all about? Well, it currently is not online here as I'm waiting for some Drupal Modules to be ported to Drupal 6.x (specifically Project*). That means I do not have all the facilities to properly promote my projects here just yet. But those who do know this site from before, may also know that I had a program called KidDraw here once.

Last year I started rewriting KidDraw in C++ using the Qt toolkit. I got quite far, but it still needs lots of work too. Part of what I want to do is change it into a KDE app. Not all too much work, and eventually it should become part of KDE Edu.

Due to college and all I haven't been able to do a whole lot yet, but I have officially joined KDE as a developer now. KidDraw sits in Playground/edu now where it will remain until it's ready for review and then hopefully inclusion in the real KDE Edu module. It won't be in time for KDE 4.1, which is due out this July, but with a bit of luck I can have KidDraw join KDE in 4.2, out in December/January.

So now I've gotta find a summer job to get some much-needed money. Wish me luck!

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Re: Joining KDE

Woohoo! Once I get my pages up (links etc) I will add a link to your KidDraw program as well, once it's online and all. :)

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Re: Joining KDE

Sorry it has taken me so long to actually register and comment. I've been lazy :)

Congratulations on being spotted by KDE! Its a shame you didn't make it into the google summer of code, it would've been nice for both you and Rosana. Best of luck with KidDraw and finding that summer job :)

//All the best Lee