Donation Goals module at Drupal

Yesterday I wrapped up some work I've been putting into a Drupal module recently, for a site that's probably launching before the end of the year (not putting any pressure on anyone here!). It's called "Donation Goals" and can be grabbed from the Donation Goals Project page.

With Donation Goals you can make a new type of content in your Drupal site. You guessed it, a "Donation Goal". Enter some details, especially how much money you need, open it up and make sure you get some visitors. They can donate money to you, through PayPal, helping you reach your goal.

The module keeps track of all donations (as long as they're made through the site) and even allows you to build some fancy overviews of all donations (Views FTW!). If you saved some money yourself, you could of course pay it yourself through PayPal. The easier way is to just add the money to the current savings and let the module do the work for you (saving you the PayPal fees that you might have to pay otherwise).

There are some similar modules (Bounty, Donation and ChipIn) available, but they all take a somewhat different approach, or they are completely abandoned.

While a first development version is out, the module probably still has some features to add, things to change and bugs to fix. Try it out from and let me know what you think!

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Re: Donation Goals module at Drupal

Awesome job, thank you!! ^^

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Re: Donation Goals module at Drupal

Firstly, awesome job on the module. Ive been playing around with various ideas for users to setup there own donation pages and this is bu far the best and easiest to use that I have come across.

However Im having a little trouble formating the output without embeding a view. I especially want to move the 'progress' to a side column but cannot see how to output the content in my .tpl

print $node->content[body][#vaue]

only gives the descriptive text. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Donation Goals module at Drupal

Copy and modify donation_goals_progress.tpl.php from the module to the theme. Wrap it in a div tag (or something), and use CSS to position it as you like. It's output as part of the node's content, so if you really want to separate it you'll have to do much more tweaking to get it right, I guess...