Drupal Development made easier with Qt Assistant - Part 4

Welcome to the fourth and final part of this series of blogs. Last time we created and finished our PHP preprocessor, which helped us overcome some quirks in the Drupal documentation. Before that, in part one we prepared our system and in part two we configured the most important pieces of Doxygen. Read part 3a and part 3b for the work we did on the PHP Preprocessor. This time, we'll use my own DoxyAssist tool to have lots of work done for us automatically. Time to make the documentation useful!

Announcing DoxyAssist!

For my series of blogs regarding Drupal documentation and the Qt Assistant, I wanted get modular API documentation. Having everything thrown into a big bucket - Drupal Core and all contributed modules - became quite messy. On the other hand, having everything separated is just as cumbersome. I needed a tool which automatically discovers modules and builds the documentation for me. Then bundle everything in one Qt Help Collection with appropriate filters, so I can view everything together or each module's documentation separately, switching quickly in one interface. DoxyAssist to the rescue!

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