Big Release Week [Update]

This morning, while waking up and surfing the web a bit, it came to me. There are many software releases this week.

First of all, tomorrow is download day for Firefox 3. Get it tomorrow! I already blogged about this one, and I once again urge you to help Mozilla to that world record. Download Firefox 3 tomorrow!

Then, also tomorrow, Spore's Creature Creator is officially released. Now EA already gave fansites (including me) a copy, so you can already get a bunch of my creatures, including a full alphabet, from Sporepedia. Look at my shiny badge:

Finally there's another release this Thursday. Although I'm quite a big fan of Gentoo, I've also used openSUSE (previously SuSE) a lot in the past. I'm thinking of putting that on my laptop again, saving myself the hassle of continuous compilations, and what better opportunity than the release of openSUSE 11.0 to do so?

openSUSE Countdown openSUSE 11.0

Update (17 June): Just found out that Wine also just released version 1.0 today. That's three major software releases on one day! Congratulations!

Also, Firefox 3 Download Day is on! You have until tomorrow (18 June) 17:00 UTC to help Mozilla set that world record! Go and download!

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Re: Big Release Week

I'm definitely going to download the new Firefox. And I'm also very busy making creatures :)