Firefox is my preferred open source web browser. I use it for most of my web development, as well as regular surfing. Get it at Also see

Big Release Week [Update]

This morning, while waking up and surfing the web a bit, it came to me. There are many software releases this week...

Pledge and Download!

Mozilla has announced the official release date of Firefox 3: June 17th. In just 5 days you can get the newest release of this great browser. To give the browser some special attention a Guinness World Record attempt will be made on the 17th. Within 24 hours, Mozilla wants to set a new record of the most downloaded piece of software. That means you'll have 24 hours to download Firefox 3 and help Mozilla to a world record. Pledge now, download Tuesday!

Download Day - English

More IE Pains

It's been a while, but I'm back again... for some more complaining. Remember my struggles to get a web design to look properly in IE? Well, I'm at it again. I'm working on a new project - not saying which - of which the HTML uses a lot of floated elements (divs). I've done the HTML and CSS, and it all works well. No problems anywhere - I might need to make a few tweaks here and there still, but other than that it's all right. In Firefox, Konqueror and Opera. Safari probably too, since it uses almost the same rendering engine (a "program" that reads the HTML, and makes it look right on your screen). Guess what? IE6 is struggling to get it right.

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