TS2 Harmful for Kids???

Those who know me even a little bit, know that I run The Sims Zone, a large Sims fansite. I got into it as a bit of a sims fan - not as big as some others, but well enough to run a site for it. Recently there's been a news story that, after GTA San Andreas, attorney has turned his (its) head to The Sims 2, as it would supposedly be pornographic.

A Big Fat No

Yesterday, or by now two days ago, the Netherlands voted No against the EU Constitution. 62% percent or so voted against it in a national referendum. Why?

Some commercials claim that a "Yes" would've been a "Yes" that waved away many animal's rights or so. Something the constitution is not about at all. So a "No" against the constitution is just as much a Yes against the animal's rights.

Done, done and done

Friday was the last regular show. Two interviews, with the runner-up and the winner. Tonight I'll be posting the latest Cat's Eyes special. I'm talking about Sim Brother 4: New Blood. Green blood. In the three series before I didn't do as much as this one - basically I gave some input (ideas, thoughts, etc) and that's about it. This time I also did a weekly special, Cat's Eyes, which "looked at Sim Brother in a different way."

What's having a Choice?

Recently, Microsoft launched a new marketing campaign, at least here in the Netherlands. They claim that on a computer that runs Windows XP, "the choice is entirely yours". It made me wonder - what choice??

Bush in Holland

The Eagle has landed. Bush has arrived in the Netherlands. Mr. War-President, invading Iraq without permission from UN etc, has just landed at Maastricht-Aachen airport, in Beek, the Netherlands. All for a remembrance ceremony in the tiny town of Margraten, where several thousands of US soldiers are buried.

My New Desktop

Those who know me, know I like Open Source Software (OSS). If there's a open source program that's just as good or better than a closed source program, I take and use it. The advantages? Well, they're often free - yes, you can download a copy and don't ever need to pay - they're free - in the sense of freedom of speech and not "free beer" - and they just work.

Internet Explorer... It Sucks

Since about a week, I've been working on a few web designs again. The Spore Zone is coming up, and a lot of work needs to be done for it. There's just one problem:

Internet Explorer

Since Microsoft has until refused to support the standards properly, designing for IE is a pain. I initially make a design for Firefox, these days a fairly common browser (about 10% market share) that does support the standards a lot better than IE. It may not be perfect, but it's a lot closer.

Long time No see

Well, after a very long time I'm back here. Simply-life has moved to a new host (the server of The Sims Zone, domain registered at GoDaddy), so no more wondering where it'll be in the future, and if it will be up at all. I've just managed to configure everything properly, and blogging here works again.

Happy New Year / Stupid Host (2)

It's late, but I don't really care... less than 22 hours until 2004 for me. Woohoo! I wish everybody a happy new year...

It's December!

Woohoo! December! *ahem* Nothing too special about it, cept it's the last month of the year (and thus comes back every year as well, which doesn't make it too special... it's a massive 1/12th of the time you spend on this world). But I like the Dutch tradition 'Sinterklaas' and Christmas. So, how was it in San Francisco? G-R-E-A-T! I saw The Sims 2 (amazing!), and of course some of downtown SF (including the Golden Gate Bridge - drove over it in a very expensive taxi - and Alcatraz - which I saw from the Golden Gate).

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