Big Release Week [Update]

This morning, while waking up and surfing the web a bit, it came to me. There are many software releases this week...

Pledge and Download!

Mozilla has announced the official release date of Firefox 3: June 17th. In just 5 days you can get the newest release of this great browser. To give the browser some special attention a Guinness World Record attempt will be made on the 17th. Within 24 hours, Mozilla wants to set a new record of the most downloaded piece of software. That means you'll have 24 hours to download Firefox 3 and help Mozilla to a world record. Pledge now, download Tuesday!

Download Day - English

Big Buck Bunny

Blender is an Open Source tool to create animated movies. It runs on all common platforms and is aimed to bring the Hollywood animation techniques to home users and artists. To show off what the program can do, a small team was financed by sponsors and the Blender Institute in Amsterdam to create a short movie. After the Orange Project resulting in an Elephants Dream about 2 years ago, there is now the Peach Project. Its movie has been released under the name of Big Buck Bunny...

Desktop Pimpin'

Google has introduced its gadgets to Linux. After the Windows and Mac releases of Google Desktop giving you clocks, calendars and more straight to your desktop, the framework is now available for Linux as well. Under the Apache license (2.0), with both Qt and GTK hosts. But they're not the first...

Joining KDE

Although I originally applied for the Google Summer of Code this year, unfortunately I was not accepted. There obviously are many great entries this year, and although I'll never know how great the people of KDE found mine, it can't be half bad, really. After all, I was asked to do what I had planned anyway, just outside the Summer of Code.

Seth 6m1d

Time sure flies. It's already 6 months ago that Seth was born. Well, 6 months and a day now, since it's past midnight... Anyway, I'm a proud father of a baby with a very proud mother. So we just put made a foot and hand print of the little man, in plaster. Besides saying that I'm just very happy with Seth, and that he has indeed grown a lot in this short time, I should also point to to Rosana's blog for some pictures. Seven to be precise: one of each month he lived in so far. Oh, and although in Dutch, both Seth himself and Junior have also blogged about this happy occasion. Congratulations Seth! We love you!

Tweet Tweet MacD

Those who can read and read the title may think it's about McDonald's or their crappy food. Those who read on and check the tags see it's about MacDesperate. Convinced by Rosie, Wouter and Alex I joined their MacDesperate group. Together we'll be launching the site in the not too distant future. Its contents? Probably some Mac/Apple news, as well as us begging for donations to buy a Mac. Hey, we're desperate!

Theme updates

With the help of Rosie I (we) have made some updates to the theme. Slightly better html/css which is hopefully a little nicer to search engines as well. Especially the Dutch translation has seen some major improvements, as the interface is now pretty much completely translated (email me if you find flaws). A few more fixes, mostly content, are on their way.


New site, new ways to blog. Yep, you're looking at the brand new version of Simply Life, all made possible by the dearest of dearest, Rosana!

More IE Pains

It's been a while, but I'm back again... for some more complaining. Remember my struggles to get a web design to look properly in IE? Well, I'm at it again. I'm working on a new project - not saying which - of which the HTML uses a lot of floated elements (divs). I've done the HTML and CSS, and it all works well. No problems anywhere - I might need to make a few tweaks here and there still, but other than that it's all right. In Firefox, Konqueror and Opera. Safari probably too, since it uses almost the same rendering engine (a "program" that reads the HTML, and makes it look right on your screen). Guess what? IE6 is struggling to get it right.

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