Open Source

Open Source: mostly programs/applications/etc for which their source is freely available. That means you can pick up the source and modify it. Contribute back if you can!

Pledge and Download!

Mozilla has announced the official release date of Firefox 3: June 17th. In just 5 days you can get the newest release of this great browser. To give the browser some special attention a Guinness World Record attempt will be made on the 17th. Within 24 hours, Mozilla wants to set a new record of the most downloaded piece of software. That means you'll have 24 hours to download Firefox 3 and help Mozilla to a world record. Pledge now, download Tuesday!

Download Day - English

Big Buck Bunny

Blender is an Open Source tool to create animated movies. It runs on all common platforms and is aimed to bring the Hollywood animation techniques to home users and artists. To show off what the program can do, a small team was financed by sponsors and the Blender Institute in Amsterdam to create a short movie. After the Orange Project resulting in an Elephants Dream about 2 years ago, there is now the Peach Project. Its movie has been released under the name of Big Buck Bunny...

Desktop Pimpin'

Google has introduced its gadgets to Linux. After the Windows and Mac releases of Google Desktop giving you clocks, calendars and more straight to your desktop, the framework is now available for Linux as well. Under the Apache license (2.0), with both Qt and GTK hosts. But they're not the first...

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